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Nov 16, 2020

Changes to Holiday Shopping In 2020

Changes to Holiday Shopping In 2020

The 2020 holiday season has arrived, and it’s bringing a world of changes. Just like most of this past year, this winter is likely to be a bit different from others before. For starters, half of U.S. shoppers say that the coronavirus pandemic will impact how they will shop for the holiday season. It’s a safe bet to assume that a large majority of the seasonal shopping is going to be online this year. And, more than a third of U.S. shoppers who frequently shop e-commerce for Black Friday say that they won’t be out searching for those sweet deals in person.

As families get ready to find those perfect holiday gifts and cozy winter splurges, your business needs to prepare for some shopping behavior changes. This year's seasonal quarter will be tricky to navigate, but with the right marketing strategy, your business can find ways to benefit from the fluctuations in the market instead of getting lost in the crowd.

Here are the top three ways you can prepare your business for the holiday season and its resulting changes to consumer shopping behavior.

1. Prioritize your digital marketing tactics.

The pandemic has significantly impacted the way the average consumer shops. Your digital presence is more important now than ever. If you haven’t already, now is the time to invest in impactful digital infrastructure and operation logistics. Your business should cover all digital bases, from website to mobile apps, in order to optimize interactions with customers at every turn. This will push demand forward and help generate revenue for your business.

2. Be mindful of a shift in value.

Consumer spending overall has decreased this past year, and it’s taking a toll on overall consumer spending habits. It’s essential to keep this in mind when cultivating your seasonal marketing strategy. Cater to your target demographic by being flexible and open to current trends. You could even go as far as personalizing your marketing tactics down to an individualized assortment for each shopper who visits your website or enters your store. Also, keep your team informed about the news and cultural currents that frequent the media to stay relevant in these fast-paced times.

3. Prepare for a different in-store shopping experience.

2020 has been a year of digital growth, and yet still, not everyone favors online shopping. It’s essential to not only prepare digitally but also in-store to cater to customers who still prefer to make purchases in-person. You'll also want to be mindful of shopping behavior like in-store pickup and curbside pickup — an increasingly popular option for many shoppers amid the crisis. In fact, 47% of shoppers said that they will use pickup in store and curbside pickup options, and many cities and shops are changing their parking options to accommodate.

A good way to navigate these changes is through reliable safety protocols like distributing free masks with a purchase, offering hand sanitizer at the door (and asking guests who enter to use it), or implementing "six-feet social distancing" reminders throughout the store. Small changes like these present an opportunity to beat out the competition with a better, safer shopping experience. Those die-hard seasonal bargain shoppers will appreciate the extra precautions, as will your team. And remember: Happy customers and employees are more likely to stay loyal to your business.

The takeaway

Strengthen your digital presence, be mindful of how customers are making decisions and create a safe environment for your customers to return to the next time they visit your store. Implementing these strategies will help you adapt to this new shopping behavior and find success during this holiday season and beyond.

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