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Apr 08, 2021

Comprehensive Web and Brand Strategy Helps Rockville Economic Development, Inc. Grow Local Business

Comprehensive Web & Brand Strategy Helps Rockville Economic Development, Inc. Grow Local Business


Located just north of D.C., Rockville is convenient to the FDA, NIH, and other federal agencies, making it a prime location for BioHealth, BioTech, cybersecurity, and technology companies.

GKA and Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) set out to develop new branding and a website that would support economic opportunities and help Rockville prosper. Our goal was to reposition REDI with messaging that conveys Rockville’s vibrancy, local industry clusters, and the high level of skilled talent available to businesses.

The Challenge

We needed to develop brand positioning, determine REDI’s story and paint that picture for each prospective industry in a responsive website design.

However, the previous website overflowed with hidden information which presented a challenge. In addition, the website did not cater to specific target audiences and verticals that made it difficult for users to find information relevant to their needs.

Our Approach

With the help of Cindy Rivarde, the Chief Executive Officer of Rockville Economic Development, we led the team through the brand and website development process.

Margaret Doan, Vice President of Operations & Client Services and Sarah Crisafulli, Vice President of Brand Strategy at International Economic Development Council’s Marketing and Attraction course in Baltimore, MD in February 2020.

Step 1: Research

In February 2020, GKA attended the International Economic Development Council’s Marketing and Attraction course in Baltimore, MD to learn about what matters most to site selectors and corporations when it comes to relocating. This helped guide each step of the project.

Step 2: Brand Development

  • Develop a survey to glean information from key stakeholders
  • Host a Brand Retreat for key stakeholders that included participation from the Chamber, local businesses, City Council members, REDI board, Mayor, regional developers, and brokers
  • Develop the brand architecture
    • Mission Statement
    • Vision Statement
    • Tagline, In the Business of Connection
    • Core Values
    • Establishment of Target Verticals
    • Positioning statements for different target audiences including the biohealth, tech, professional, and creative industries

Step 3: Brand Identity Design

  • Modernization of Logo
  • Modernization of Colors and Fonts
  • Business Cards
  • Email Design
  • Collateral and Flyers
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Social Media Templates

Step 4: Website Design & Development

  • Wireframing
  • Web Design
  • Copy and SEO
  • Web Development


The new website was launched in November 2020. The website effectively communicates to REDI’s audiences. To streamline its user experience, REDI defined industry verticals so that users are able to find resources related to their industries and markets.

In comparison to the previous year, the website witnessed significant improvements related to user engagement. Today, the newly designed COVID-19 resource page is among the Top 10 pages viewed on the website. In addition, the newly designed Site Selection page describing available sites is among the Top 10 pages viewed.

As an added bonus after launch, several new companies launched growth and relocation efforts in Rockville, aided by the collateral we developed and the ease of the process outlined on REDI’s new website. Additionally, a younger engineer in the area approached REDI to get involved, because he was attracted by the updated website.


The website is more focused and targeted to attract its target industries by first determining their key industry sectors and developing a unique positioning statement for each cluster. Together, we learned that in order to begin something new, you have to remember why you started and who you started for. By understanding the vision of your organization, you can better execute the goals needed to get there.

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