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May 05, 2020

Embracing the New Way of Doing Business

Embracing the New Way of Doing Business

In only a few months, the coronavirus pandemic has upended the daily lives of people around the world. And the economic impact of the virus has led to large-scale movement towards remote work.

In response, GKA has proactively decided to uproot our traditional office setting to adapt to the new normal of social distancing and to keep our work family safe and healthy. In making the move from a physical office to a completely virtual workplace, GKA, as a whole, has improved its communication and daily workflow – without missing a step.

Although extenuating circumstances brought us here today, we are embracing the efficiency of a fully remote staff and the many positives it brings. Here are a few ways we are adapting to our new virtual environment:

Video Conferencing

We find that meetings with our clients and teams are very effective through video conferencing. We are able to hop into any conference, dance party, or webinar in virtually any part of the world, with just a click. Not to mention, we notice an uptick of participation in our GKA Happy Hours and the photo sharing of sleeping puppies. Cheers to that!

Online Software Options and Tools

On the technical side, GKA uses a number of services and online software options (SaaS) to conduct our day-to-day business needs. Each platform gives a multitude of ways to collaborate.

Tools we recommend for virtual workplaces include:

  1. Slack for ongoing communication throughout the day - sharing articles, ideas, and touching base about clients' initiatives
  2. Asana for project management
  3. Cloud file storage
  4. Google Hangouts for calls and video chats
  5. Vonage (VoIP) for a phone system

Team Collaboration

We maintain our company culture with a deeper understanding of the world around us. Each of our individual days vary, but we understand that being home means that many of us have children to teach, Zoom yoga sessions to attend, and sunny side-up eggs to make in the morning. We maintain a flexible schedule of check-ins through the following means:

  1. Weekly all-hands meetings every Monday morning to touch base
  2. Company Happy Hours on Friday
  3. Brainstorming calls & simple “I Miss You’s” throughout the week
  4. Virtual team lunch once a week

How did we make the move?

GKA has offered work-from-home days as a perk of employment for over a year now, so we’ve been able to transition smoothly. And don’t worry - we were able to achieve a fully-remote status while maintaining safe social distancing practices.

Using Google Sheets, we created a schedule in which each team member went into our physical office one at time to pack up and help donate items we won’t need anymore. This time allowed our team to grab the supplies they needed to be comfortable at home, say goodbye to our old way of doing things, and give a warm welcome to our new normal.

Following stay-at-home orders across the country, office workers like ourselves have ditched daily commutes to work instead from dining room tables, balconies, and basements in their own homes. We may find that we’re in this for the long haul, but embracing change and learning lessons along the way are quintessential parts of keeping any business afloat.

In making our move from a physical office to a virtual workplace, we’ve seen an increase in productivity and an outpouring of empathy and support for one another in ways that we might not have achieved before. We’re grateful for the journey ahead and still on the search for toilet tissue (if you can find some let us know).

Are you working virtually and rocking it? Get in touch! We would love to trade ideas on processes working well for you and your team. In the meantime, we’re open for consultations to help plan your greatest comeback yet.

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