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Apr 01, 2021

First Advertiser on Mars

Proudly announcing our newest service, Mars Retrograde Ads, GKA will become the first agency to offer advertising on Mars, complementing the efforts of SpaceX, NASA and AI SpaceFactory.

In January 2020, Elon Musk outlined his plans for sending 1 million people to Mars by 2050. Once we’ve touched down on Mars, the real hard work will begin to build a settlement or ‘habitat’ to sustain long-term human populations, and of course, on growing a new economy.

Mars Station

Although we’re a ways off from building a Martian habitat, NASA has already launched a bid to determine how to construct basic buildings on the Red Planet as the quality of life on Mars will depend heavily on the quality of the settlements which are built on its barren surface.

“The premise of the NASA challenge was to build structures on Mars before humans get there,” said NASA CEO David Malott. .

As GKA continues growing our agency in DC and Tampa, we began thinking about innovative ways to enhance our portfolio of services. After three years of intense development, GKA alongside SpaceX and NASA will lay the groundwork of an economy on our new home planet - with advertising as a major part of the ecosystem.

GKA will help determine the best locations for media placements on Mars with the help of a few test clients in an initial Mars Retrograde Ads Program Cohort. GKA appointed Margaret Doan to head up our marketing efforts onsite on Mars once ready.

“We have a baby due in May, and this is an incredible opportunity to provide a unique and culturally diverse upbringing,” Doan says. “And for our clients, there's an opportunity to ‘do things right’ from the beginning. They can integrate themselves into the culture with a wholesome perspective. We can learn so much from the superfluous ways of yesteryear - now, it's time to focus on what matters, what people need, and how we can be of service.”

GKA now offers Mars Retrograde Ads and is accepting a new cohort of clients. While this is an opportunity to reach a Martian audience, the eyes of Earth will be on her sister planet. Those who jump on this opportunity will reach a platform far beyond the red sands of Mars, enjoy all the benefits of helping form a new economy in space, and be "front-facing" to two entire worlds!

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