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Sep 18, 2020

Hamptons’ Hotel Sees Opening Success During COVID-19

“Work From Hotel” is the New WFH

As we say a fond farewell to the summer of 2020, we're reflecting on one of our favorite success stories, The Roundtree, Amagansett. In the midst of COVID-19, they successfully opened with 119 direct website bookings and over 250 leads within their first three months. Keep reading to see how we achieved these results and more.

The Challenge:

The Roundtree, Amagansett is a new historic 15-room boutique hotel, surrounded by pristine farmland in an iconic destination - The Hamptons.

The hotel opened during a global pandemic in June 2020 when travel was unchartered territory. The Roundtree needed GKA to position the hotel as the perfect place for a weekend getaway or month-long stay in The Hamptons. First, we analyzed the travel landscape and found that leisure travelers were interested in drivable destinations and outdoor spaces.

The Strategy:

Based on our discovery, we helped Roundtree pivot their business model and digital marketing strategy to focus on travelers looking for accommodations with longer lengths of stay. We created overall campaign messaging that focused on working, living and playing outside - "Make Your Zoom Background Amagansett." The campaign "Make Your Zoom Background Amagansett" made its debut in a full-page ad in the travel section of The New York Post in summer 2020.

During our research, we found that keywords related to destination attractions were seeing an increase in search volume. Google Trends showed us that search volume increased for keywords like “vacation rental,” “summer house,” “beachfront rental,” and “cottage rental.” In fact, the search intent doubled over the same time spring and summer 2019, but the competition was high.

After evaluating Roundtree’s digital presence, we optimized Roundtree’s keyword strategy and created more opportunities around relevant searches for their product such as "vacation rental."

To anchor our ROI, we focused on developing length-of-stay packages of 5-7+ nights and remote work-from-hotel perks like business-speed Wi-Fi and plenty of outdoor space.

We also partnered with The Roundtree’s PR agency, jpublicrelations, to share the success of their recent press coverage and build consumer confidence by incorporating article headlines and quotes into The Roundtree’s Facebook Ads, emails, and website.

The Impact:

As The Roundtree sought to gain brand recognition and welcome new guests during a pandemic, GKA’s strategy to inspire people to travel and work from the hotel (WFH) provided a new perspective on experiencing the hotel.

  • Paid ads generated 250+ qualified leads generated (including phone calls, emails, contact forms submitted, etc)
  • ROI increased to 21:1 in the first two months of launching
  • Google and Facebook Ads are in the Top 4 website traffic drivers
  • In the first 90-days, our SEO overhaul achieved the following:
    • Organic - #1 Website Traffic Driver
    • Organic traffic increased 250% in the first month
    • Domain Visibility 3.06% (+1.05%)
    • Average Google Position increased +20.73%
    • 119 direct website bookings, 65% of total transaction revenue


During the global pandemic, we saw that many hotels and resorts adjusted their “property size” by scaling down services and reducing the number of rooms to create a more intimate social distancing experience. Fortunately, The Roundtree never needed to do that - they were already the perfect size with 15 rooms on two acres in The Hamptons. All they needed was the proper strategy in place and GKA’s marketing magic.

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