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Apr 02, 2020

How to Adjust Your Marketing Budget for Consumers at Home

How to Adjust Your Marketing Budget for Consumers at Home

The right communication is invaluable and, as marketers, we know that now is not the time to release strategies with our head in the sand. On one end, you’ll see marketers who will continue like nothing is going on. You’ll find content that is tone deaf or you’ll notice scheduled posts written as if we’re living in the past. On the other end, you’ll find the opposite – panic and cancellation of all advertising, rather than an adjustment to the evolving situation. Strategic marketing agencies will stop to reflect or choose silence and use the time to pivot with a strategy full of intention.

The key to advertising in general is grabbing the attention of consumers to promote something. Now, the world has changed and flipped that problem on its back. Instead, we have an abundance of attention where everyone is spending hours a day on their computer and phones.

Without a question, something of this magnitude affects all industries. The real question is: How can you adjust marketing budgets while people are at home - especially with every story or email centered around the same topic?

First, it starts with understanding the emotional needs of consumers. Ask, am I contributing to the conversation or adding to the noise? Second, pause your scheduled posts and interact with people who are engaging with your brand instead. With extra time on our phones, your customer service responses are center stage. Next, if you choose to proceed with a strategy, consider these questions:

Is this the right time to alter my budget?

Step one requires that you take a long, hard look at your budget. Screen time is increasing, meaning you should be shifting your budget to fortify digital efforts like social media, Google Ads and others tactics listed below. Brands typically tend to come out stronger with a bolstered or maintained marketing budget during a downturn. Companies like Amazon, Honda, and Pizza Hut grew sales by at least 20% by keeping their budget and shifting their marketing strategies to reflect the times.

How do I present products to people from their homes?

People are still daydreaming and future-focused. Matterport Tours are a great virtual 3D selling tool that also gives your consumer a glimpse into their future, whether you’re selling a new home or a wedding venue. We can coordinate your tours and bring your world online.

How do I create content for people at home?

Video content reigns supreme while people are at home. Think of ways to connect to your audience in real time. On the ground-level, consumers are connecting with each other through remote dance parties, Q&A’s, cooking shows, and interactive home tours. Through platforms like Facebook or Instagram Live, you can build a community of people who are experiencing something at the same time. Additionally, now is the time to repurpose any video content. Use this time while people are home to boost viewership numbers.

Should I be cutting my PPC budget?

Get your website at the top of Google with a finite strategy. Using PPC advertising is the quickest way to beat competitors to that coveted top spot. Invest in more PPC so that you remain top of mind and top of the search results.

Should I run social media ads?

Save the beautiful creative you had prepared 90 days out for another day or another quarter. Instead, consider creating a social media campaign that encourages people to stay home. This isn’t the time for a marketing ploy. Instead, try small gestures like building a meaningful hashtag where consumer participation can take you a long way. Social media ads broadcast your credibility and we absolutely encourage you to run something meaningful.

What about emails?

Emails are necessary, but present a challenge now that many people are bombarded with messages nonstop. What are you doing that is different? Similar to your social media strategy, planned content needs to be recalibrated. Before you press send, think about how your email messaging contributes to what you consumers are already receiving. We recommend a deep dive and overhaul of your current strategy to highlight how consumers can interact or use your brand from home.

What can be done for SEO?

Think back to old blogs you have and repurpose them to answer questions through search engines. Use tools like HotJar to understand how readers are navigating your blog, and comb through the keywords you have on your website to end up at the top of search engines.

Should I create a new website?

Now is a perfect time to take a stab at a refresh of your website and brand purpose so that you come back stronger and more focused. If you’re set on your website, ensure it has the best photography possible right now - a picture is, after all, worth a thousand words.

What should I avoid?

Related to altering your budget, you want to shift your focus from bandit signs, billboards, bus signs, and other public transportation signage because consumers are not seeing these ads from home.

Try this final tip.

Think about what your consumers may physically need at this time, and create a branded corporate social responsibility initiative, like branded hand sanitizers or soaps that you can give away if holding personal, socially-distant meetings. Yes, it may cost you, but it’s memorable and the nice thing to do.

As we continue navigating through a historical moment in time, we want you to know that we are open. Our agency operations are cloud-based and we can move really quickly, be flexible and change because that’s the way we’re fundamentally built. If you have any questions or need any help with your strategy to target consumers at home, we encourage you to reach out to us so that we can begin creating a strategy that keeps your brand stronger than ever.

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