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Nov 12, 2020

Leveraging Events to Gain Prospects and Sell Homes

Leveraging Events to Gain Prospects and Sell Homes

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to uproot nearly every aspect of our lives and businesses, we’ve had to quickly adapt to new ideas to connect with prospects. Our client, Amblebrook Gettysburg, is a resort-style community for homeowners who are 55 and better. The community is home to 779 acres of bucolic former farmland in Gettysburg, PA.

After almost a year of construction and planning, the cornerstone of the community, the Boulevard Welcome Center is the first completed amenity and the first to have its own grand opening, despite the circumstances.

The Challenge:

GKA was tasked with hosting a successful grand opening event premiering a major amenity – while keeping everyone safe and socially distant. Amblebrook Gettysburg’s target age group, 55+, is the most vulnerable to COVID-19, prompting us to think outside of the box. Our goal was to partner with the Amblebrook team to showcase the new Boulevard Welcome Center through a fun event, while most importantly, keeping prospective buyers safe.

The Strategy:

We created the Getty Stakes to align with the running of the Preakness Stakes held in Baltimore during the first weekend in October. We established six “gates” of exploration with groups of ten or less by having prospects register for specific tours in advance. Each gate “released” at staggered times so that groups could safely visit different areas of the community without overlap.

After determining the logistics of the event based on the community’s core values, we followed up with an aggressive media strategy to gain traction and registrations. We kicked off media placements about two months in advance, including:

  • An event landing page
  • A dedicated email blast
  • Ads on The Washington Post
  • Online display banners
  • Social media posts and reminders

The Impact:

The event was a success and we saw that activities, with the proper precautions, will bring this buyer out. Knowing that this buyer demographic needs to be engaged several times before they purchase, Getty Stakes was the perfect event to confirm Amblebrook is the right community fit for many prospects.

Boulevard Welcome Center Grand Opening Results

  • 6 homes were sold following the event.
  • Of the 89 registered attendees, 86 attended - a 97% attendee response.
  • Of the total attendees, there were 48 buying opportunities split between 23 walk-ins and 25 returning visitors. (Individuals counted, not couples)
  • Our event marketing efforts drove 128 new leads to our database. Of the new leads, 18% of them converted to a walk-in. This tells us that the event marketing piqued their interest enough to attend.
  • 52% of our total traffic scheduled appointments to come back at a later date which shows an incredible interest in this community.
“What a great event! There was a ton of energy and excitement. I’m sure this will bring immediate and residual benefits.” - Amblebrook Gettysburg team.


Overall, the style of the event made our prospects feel comfortable and safe. This reaffirms what we have known and shared previously - that announcements of any kind and small and large scale events bring people out to the community, and events can still be orchestrated to be engaging while ensuring safety. Therefore, we will continue to create reasons for prospects to come and visit. The more they visit, the higher likelihood they’ll convert.

As the community’s premier amenity, the Boulevard Welcome Center is a specially designed space that combines a market, café, sales center, and gathering area in one unique location. In addition to being a favorite neighborhood meeting place, the welcome center will function as a multi-faceted hub where the amenities, homes, and lifestyle benefits of the Amblebrook community.

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