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Mar 23, 2021

Reinventing Digital Strategies for a Fitness Studio to Gain New Leads

Reinventing Digital Strategies for a Fitness Studio to Gain New Leads

Fitness Together was founded 25 years ago on the belief that without health, nothing else matters. Fitness Together’s personal trainers are guided by these core values to empower those who have struggled to get healthy on their own with an exceptional wellness experience to help them live their best life.

Fitness Together’s Gaithersburg location is a part of a national brand and community of trainers that create one-on-one programs to help people reach their fitness goals.

The Challenge

As COVID-19 continued, consumers became wary about gym settings and closures. GKA designed an ad campaign to generate new clients during this difficult period for gyms across the country.

In order to showcase Fitness Together’s value proposition, the studio needed to highlight perks that reflect new priorities during COVID-19. There also was an opportunity to address how the studio meets health and safety needs with virtual workouts and one-on-one sessions.

Our Approach

GKA a creative agency designed a campaign to communicate the unique value proposition of Fitness Together in light of COVID-19. We highlighted Fitness Together’s new social distancing practices, one-on-one workouts, and virtual workout options.

Strategy 1:

We worked with corporate HQ to set goals for the campaign: leads and conversions. Through research, we targeted people under 55 with an interest in fitness, exercise, health, or weight loss to reflect the wide range of goals people have for starting a wellness journey.

Strategy 2:

Then, we launched an ad campaign on Facebook and Google. The purpose of these ads was to generate traffic to the Fitness Together website where existing copy encouraged them to take action and sign up for a free session.

Numbers quickly showed that more leads from the Google ads turned into gym members. Through reflection, we decided to pause advertising on Facebook and focus more on Google to get the best ROI.

Strategy 3:

We selected visuals that sent a strong message about safety. Our ad campaign used three images, including two that depicted one-on-one sessions in an empty gym studio. The third image showed a woman working out at home.

Strategy 4:

During COVID-19, many consumers have prioritized value to reduce spending. One of the ads we ran used the headline “Free Week of Training” with the description “Don’t Miss Out!” to create a sense of urgency and draw attention to the value the free session offered.

The landing page for these ads shares more information about the different services offered and features a prominent form for signing up for a free session.

In addition, we addressed new concerns, so another ad focused on safety with the reassuring headline “We’re Staying Safe.”

Strategy 5:

Another ad targeted virtual workouts. We highlighted value with the headline “Free Personal Training” and used the description “In-Person or Virtual” to inform people about the different options available.


By shifting the marketing strategy, we achieved the new ads were attributed to 12 new members during COVID-19, which almost reached the fitness studio’s maximum number of memberships available.


This campaign helped Fitness Together communicate how the studio navigated the COVID-19 crisis and adapted its offerings to stay relevant. It allowed Fitness Together to continue acquiring new members during a challenging period by leveraging options that reflected new priorities, like one-on-one sessions and virtual workouts.

GKA, a creative agency is proud to have helped this business adapt to an unprecedented situation by reassuring clients and communicating the new ways in which the fitness studio offers value.

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